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Entry #2


2007-10-13 14:32:23 by video320

Yo, I'm here to talk about anything wether it's movies, TV, wrestling, anime, videogames, books, comic books, music, Godzilla or anything else awesome like that, nuff said.


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2007-10-13 18:09:12

Im suprised you didnt make wrestling and skotty 2 hotty to different catagories.

video320 responds:

I'm surprised you can't spell "Scotty"


2007-10-27 22:11:40

im surprised how much of a loser you are.

video320 responds:

well i'm surprised with how stupid you are.


2007-11-09 17:27:04

Hmmm your just happy your geting a couple comments arent you?


2010-03-13 00:34:40

Why would you Give "Katan" a 1 out of 10, that isn't cool brah.